Ignite Budtender Training

On Friday, December 14th, Ignite hosted a Budtender Training event at founder Dan Bilzerian’s mansion in Bel Air.

Michael Feder, Vice-Chairman of Ignite, addressing the budtenders and dispensary reps.

During the training, 50 budtenders and dispensary reps were provided with education on Ignite’s flower, prerolls, sauce, and vape cartridges. Ignite Representative Lane Goedhart and Quality Control Manager Josh Carranza outlined the product benefits of Ignite’s flower, prerolls, sauces, vape cartridges, CBD drops, and CBD vapes.


Candid Chronicle had the chance to connect with Shalina, cannabis connoisseur, advocate, and ShalWeToke blogger. Shalina gracefully took a dab of Trainwreck before explaining that she recently graduated law school and intends to focus on the cannabis industry with her legal work. 

Shalina shared her sentiments about the importance of Ignite’s budtender training:

“These budtender events are necessary to educate the people who are actually selling their brand in stores. You have to allow budtenders to sample all the different products they will sell or plan to sell ranging from prerolls, flower, vapes, and extracts. This helps provide thorough and consistent recommendations to consumers who need guidance or who have never tried this specific brand, since every cannabis product does vary. Ignite does a fantastic job at not only educating their budtenders, but also providing a chill, welcoming environment to get to know the people who are putting their products in the hands of consumers.” – Shalina

A breakdown of Ignite’s strains:

Strain: Rosé

Genetics: Zkittles x Long Valley Kush – Aficionado Estates

Type:  Indica Dominant Hybrid

Buds: Sticky, dense, dark green and purple. Easy to break up with fingers.

Smell: Sweet, floral, earthy aromas. Zkittles- berry and grape notes. LVK – floral and earthy presence.

Smoke: Smooth, sweet, rich. Inhale, hints of lavender and fuel. Exhale, subtle floral flavor.

High: Relaxing

Prime Usage Occasion: Late afternoon/evening time. After dinner or a movie.

Strain: Rollins  

Genetics: Lemon Tree s1 x Nigerian – Swamp Boys Seeds

Type: Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Buds: Large trichomes, very sticky. Medium density, easy breakup

Smell: Lemon Fuel with hints of garlic

Smoke: Citrus & Spice, Woodsy exhale with a hint of lemon zest

High: Clear, Uplifting, and Energetic

Usage Occasion: Fitness, Gym, Hiking Trails

Strain: Lemon Banana Sherbert         

Genetics: Lemon Skunk x Sour Banana Sherbert – from Crockett Family Farms

Type: 50/50 Hybrid

Buds: Light green trichome rich buds with the perfect density glisten in the jar. Sticky break up.

Smell: Citrus, funky fuel note from grandparent Sour Diesel, complemented with sweetness from the Banana Sherbert.

Smoke: Tastes of citrus on the inhale, sweet smooth exhale with a touch of fuel hidden in there.

High: Very relaxed and happy high making it great for social events or an all-day go to.

Usage Occasion: Social

Peter Yousif from Goldn Bloom said he’s never been to a budtender training like Ignite’s, adding, “This was the best, most extravagant one yet.”

After the budtender training, guests stayed for food, drinks, and dabs. The CBD bar inside included a menu of six drinks with a choice of Ignite’s Blood Orange, Lavender, Tropical Fruit, or Unflavored CBD drops.