Kentucky Lawmaker Introduces Bill To Decriminalize Cannabis Possession

Legislation to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of cannabis has been introduced into the Kentucky Senate.

With the exception of CBD and hemp products, cannabis is not currently legal in the state for any intended use, and possession of anything less than half a pound is considered a misdemeanor.

Police may choose to write a ticket or arrest at their discretion, but that choice would be removed with the passage of the proposed law.

Senator Jimmy Higdon [R-Lebanon] introduced SB82 on January 11 in hopes of reducing Kentucky’s overcrowded jail population. If the bill passes, it would require officers to write a citation and would remove any penalty of jail time for amounts considered to be for personal use.

Under the bill, possession of up to one ounce of cannabis flower, up to five grams of concentrates, and other products containing 300 grams or fewer of THC would be met with a fine of $100 or fifteen hours of community service. Penalties would increase to $250 and service hours would double to 30 if the offense occurs on or near school property.

Senator Dan Seum [R-Bullitt-Jefferson] introduced a separate bill on January 9 to legalize cannabis in Kentucky and establish a regulatory system.