Las Vegas Dispensary Sells A Most Pricey Cannabis Product

By Benjie Cooper

IG: @nuglifenews

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A dispensary located near the downtown area of Las Vegas, Nevada is reported to have sold the most expensive legal cannabis item in the country in their shop on Friday.

“$11,000 #marijuana cigar sold in Las #vegas on Friday,” tweeted Las Vegas Sun writer Chris Kudalis on Saturday. “Thought to be the most expensive individual legal weed product sold anywhere in the United States:

According to the Sun, the Paiute tribe’s NuWu Cannabis Marketplace on Paiute Circle sold the cannabis cigar (cannagar) to 36-year-old Brandon Hawkins, a restaurant owner from Los Angeles, California.

Hawkins flew to Vegas to purchase the cannagar on Friday morning for an anonymous business partner who wanted to smoke it on New Year’s Eve. The pair had heard about a similar item that sold for $10,000 in Seattle, Washington last June and arranged a few months ago to have one made to celebrate with on New Year’s Eve.

The cannagar, which was made by Seattle-based Leira, contains 24 grams of Virtue Las Vegas’s sativa-dominant Pure Haze flower, wrapped in hemp leaves, and coated in 24-karat gold leaf.

For those who don’t have the extra $11,000 dollars to spend on a gilded cannagar, Leira intends to release smaller, less expensive versions at several dispensaries in Las Vegas.

Image: Leira