Local San Diego Testing Lab Releases Alarming Vape Results

Platinum Vape is a company located here in San Diego that produces pesticide-free, high potency cannabis products. They, as well as all of the other legal cannabis companies, have to undergo rigorous testing. Eighty percent of vape products in San Diego were tested and deemed “unfit for consumption.”

Co-founder George Sadlers mission is to make people aware of the health risks people are taking by using products from unlicensed vape makers and sellers.

Mankind, a legal dispensary located on Miramar Rd teamed up with Platinum Vape to buy back cartridges that ranged from counterfeits of popular legal brands and home-made concentrates. Customers exchanged their vapes for a discounted Platinum Vape that is regulated and tested.

The cartridges that were turned in were then sent to Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs for testing. Once the cartridges were analyzed for potency, pesticides, and heavy metals, they found 79% were deemed unfit for consumption. Close to 40% of the vape cartridges failed for lead, and 62% of them failed for pesticides. Half of the vape products had less than 50% THC in them. Vitamin E acetate, an additive with possible links to vape related deaths and illnesses were found in some of the cartridges.

Purchasing vape products from licensed dispensaries is the only way to ensure the consumer is using safe products. The dispensaries are responsible for purchasing their products from distributors that are regulated by the California Bureau of Cannabis Control.