Los Angeles Councilmember Moves To Implement Temporary Ban On Cannabis Vapes

In light of the recent rash of cases of vaping-related pulmonary illness, Los Angeles City Councilmember Paul Krekorian has filed a motion to implement a one-year ban on the sale of all cannabis vaping products within the city.

After one year, the ban would automatically renew unless the council finds that particular cannabis vaping products are safe for consumer use.

“I am seeking to halt cannabis vaping until it is proven safe,” said Krekorian in a press release.

The motion, which was filed on Tuesday, states that there is no regular or systematic testing regime in place in California to evaluate the safety of vaping products or their additives.

According to the Department of Cannabis Regulation, there are 15 testing laboratories that are licensed to test cannabis and cannabis products, but the motion states that they seem to focus on the purity of individual cannabis plants rather than the safety of product additives and delivery devices.

The motion also instructs the Department of Cannabis Regulation to report on the testing laboratories in Los Angeles and throughout California and make recommendations for the council to compel the cannabis industry to produce clean products that do not pose a public health risk.