Marijuana Gives Tourism in Barcelona a Boost

By Justin Samuels
IG: @samuelsjustin
Barcelona is Spain’s second biggest city. It has a fabulous gothic quarter. Gothic quarters in European cities have the old medieval buildings that are often the biggest attraction to cities. In addition to amazing old and new architecture, Barcelona has the beach and amazing weather. In the coldest part of winter, it never gets cold enough to harm the citrus trees or the palm trees. Catalonia has a very interesting culture; the people are bilingual between Catalan and Spanish. Barcelona has residents from all around the world; the city is very diverse. There’s the Olympic City, the area that hosted most of 1992’s Olympics which really helped put Barcelona on the map in terms of tourism. Because of the weather, most restaurants have either patio or street-side dining. One can find the most amazing wines and other alcoholic beverages in Barcelona, and bars open as early as 8 am or 9 am.
Barcelona has excellent public transportation. Getting around won’t be a problem. For those that stay out late, the metro closes at 12:00 am most nights. On Friday nights the metro is open till 2:00 am. On Saturday night the metro is open 24 hours a day. Barcelona has excellent taxis, and Uber has been made legal and has officially relaunched in Barcelona. In addition to the metro, there are the regional commuter lines FSC and Renfe, and there are high-speed rails that go throughout Spain and Europe. There are also a number of buses one can take.
For lodging, Barcelona has some amazing hotels throughout the city. One can also rent out rooms, apartments, or houses via Airbnb. Airbnb is legal in Barcelona, and there are amazing properties with fantastic views that one can rent out. The city has a lot of parks per capita. Amazing parks, where one can find green monk parakeets, which are pretty common in Spain.
Barcelona has membership only associations. In the associations, members can buy marijuana. Members may also smoke marijuana in the association. For more information on how to get membership invitations, click here. There are a number of associations across the city; there are especially numerous near the gothic quarters and La Rambla. La Rambla is a wide street with a lot of merchants in the middle of its promenade. The street itself has a lot of tourist shops, restaurants, and other businesses. Nearby there’s the opera, theatre, and a number of museums. So in the middle of all this culture, one can get some marijuana, and as I previously noted, Barcelona is a beach city. What a perfect way to relax, especially in the summer. One will find the staff in associations very knowledgeable about the many strains of marijuana, especially the two major varieties, indica and sativa. The associations have resin as well. The tobacco stations sell a variety of pipes, both regular and electronic. Those who like 420, beach weather and an all relaxed atmosphere should definitely visit Barcelona.