Massive Retail And Consumption Space Coming To California

The largest cannabis retail and consumption facility in the United States is opening in August in California.

On Monday, Cannabis management company Shasta Management announced plans to open Cannaffornia, a 100-acre vertically integrated cannabis campus in Imperial County.

The facility will sit at the intersection of Highway 111 and Heber Road.

Shasta Managment signed a long-term lease for the mixed-use space in May.

Going Big with Retail Cannabis

Alongside two retail dispensaries, Cannaffornia will also house 10,000 square feet of consumption space where customers can enjoy their purchases.

Shasta Management CEO Tim Wright says the idea for a big retail and consumption space has been around for some time.

“We’ve been planning this concept for quite a while,” says Wright. “Cannaffornia is a place to celebrate—to celebrate the convergence of California, Cannabis, and the affordability of high quality products. It’s long been our vision to offer consumers the best selection of products at the best prices in the state, all in a space where they can enjoy their purchases on the spot.”

The two flagship dispensaries featured onsite will be Queen of Dragons, which has been in operation since 2009, and The Other Guys, which lets customers decide the shop’s featured brands.

Shasta Management says Queen of Dragons will offer high-quality products at an affordable price, and The Other Guys will embrace a Hunger Games-style model where “only the strongest brands survive, and the public decides who wins and who loses.”

According to Shasta Management, each shop will feature 2,000 square feet of retail space and a 5,000 square-foot consumption lounge.

Going Big with Selection

Shasta Management says product selections on The Other Guys shelves will include Select concentrates, GanjaGold, Sherbinskis Flowers, and 22Red products.

Queen of Dragons will feature house brand items as well as products from the Helmand Valley Growers Company, which donates 100 percent of profits for research on medicinal cannabis use by veterans.

“This is more than just a stop and shop location,” says Wright. “Cannaffornia will be a destination where cannabis consumers and businesses can come hang out, try new products, chat with highly educated budtenders, and make new friends. We’ll be hosting special events and festivals throughout the year that will put this region, and Cannaffornia, on the map as America’s favorite cannabis experience.”

According to Shasta Management, Cannafffornia will feature special brand promotions, Cannaffornia-only drops, taste tests, sampling opportunities, and special events.

Featured in the consumption lounges will be 85” televisions, gaming stations, vibe centers, and cannabis concierges to help guests with purchases, offer tasting flights, and provide product education.

Shasta Management is also developing a 9,000 square-foot restaurant and bar for the facility.

“This will be a consumption space like no other,” says Shasta Management COO Mai Vue. “Think full service, where you can sample a range of products. Want to try this strain in a bong? A concierge will grab a bong and light you up. Want to try this one in a pre-roll? We’ll set you up with rolling papers.”

According to Shasta Management, Phase 2 of the Cannaffornia project, which it expects to open in late 2021, will include a 4,500 square-foot distribution center, 4,500 square-foot manufacturing space, and a 40,000 square foot greenhouse for cultivation.