By: Christina Brady


Potential means capable of being, but, not yet in existence.

When you say  “that person has the potential to be this or that”

Ask yourself, what do I have the potential to do or be that I am not pursuing?

Concern yourself with what you want to do, not what other people are doing.

Your world begins with you. Take some action.


What are the answers and where will the answers be found?

To every question, there is more than one answer.

When you are looking for answers, write down all your possibilities.

By doing this, you will find there is always more than one answer.

There are many paths to the answer that you are looking for.

You will know when you find it.


Working your mind takes practice.

Practice working your mind by polishing your shoes.

Look at your shoes, wipe the dirt off.

Decide where to place the polish and begin polishing.

Focus and think about the task of polishing your shoes

You should try it.

I polish a pair of black leather ankle boots once a week.

Not as easy as it sounds


Listen to your heart that’s where your dreams begin.

Your thoughts control your dreams and their outcome.

To be true to your heart is to be true to yourself.

You create your own right and wrong.

If you need to change direction or walk away,


Things only get better when you are true to yourself.

Love, laugh and listen to what your heart tells you.


Your mind is your personal space.

You are the only one who can claim and control that space.

Your mind belongs to you, no one else.

Your mind creates your reality.  

Think only good thoughts and do the right thing.


Watching things grow is very important.

When you watch things grow you know change is possible.

The  best way to make your garden grow is

to water your seeds and plants with thoughts of love.

Your garden is part of you and how it grows is up to you.

Plant some new seeds and new ideas.

Have fun.


You must have courage to overcome difficulty.

Like a winning sports team “LA Clippers/LA Lakers”

You must keep doing, trying is an excuse for not


Have the courage to stay in the game of life.

Practice makes perfect.


Most of us can think of excuses for not doing just about anything.

Excuses are often used as a manipulative ploy to not take responsibility.

Be as good as your word.

Get rid of excuses, and watch your life get easier.


Think before you speak and always listen to yourself talk.

How do you sound to other people?

Choose the words that come out of your mouth wisely.

Think about how the words you speak make other people feel?

If you are unsure of the right word’s to say, sleep on it.


Teachers, mentors, and sages come in all shapes and sizes.

We are all teachers and have some bit of knowledge or information

to teach and share with others.

It is very hard to learn anything when you think you know everything.

Learn something new!