Moms’ Formula, an Oral Daily Cannabis Tablet

Clean Cannabis That Gives You Health Benefits Without the High

By Lorna Donohoe
Mom’s Formula was born when Dr. Robert Flannery’s own mother was going through cancer treatment and sought recommendations for safely medicating with cannabis to alleviate her heightened levels of stress and anxiety. The first PhD in the U.S. with certified technical expertise in growing commercial cannabis, Dr. Flannery found that no existing products on the market met his high standards for his mom, so he decided to make his own clean product.

“Cannabis is a great alternative to [highly addictive] opiates for anxiety and pain. Especially CBD, since it treats and heals without the psychoactive effects”  says Dr. Robert Flannery, PhD.

“For those who are seeking the health benefits of cannabis but are not be so keen on lighting up or getting high, Dr. Mom’s Formula addresses those concerns with commitment to the highest standards and cultivation and of course all informed by good science”, he continued.

Dr. Robb Farms’ Mom’s Formula is an accurate and safe daily tablet, – think of it as your once-a-day multivitamin that promotes a feeling of well-being and can decrease anxiety levels while also serving up strong anti-inflammatories and a number of other health benefits. Four different scientifically-measured formulas feature pesticide-free THC and cannabidiol (CBD) extractions in a precise dosage: 1:1 CBD to THC, 5:1 CBD to THC, 1:5 CBD to THC, and CBD Isolate.

Dr. Robb Farms is committed to making products with care, for the people we care about.  Though developed with mom in mind, Mom’s Formula is not just for mothers. It’s for individuals seeking the numerous health benefits of superior quality cannabis without lighting up.