Montana Inmate Files For Right To Smoke Cannabis

By Benjie Cooper

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An inmate serving time at the Missoula County jail in Montana has filed for the right to use marijuana, claiming that his religious and constitutional freedoms are being violated.

In October 2016, officers from the Billings Police Department were called to a mobile home park after receiving a report of a domestic dispute and a gunshot. Police didn’t find any gunshot victims in the neighborhood but were able to locate the suspect, resident Adam Grady, at an intersection and corner him at gunpoint in a church parking lot.

Grady dropped the three knives he was carrying but was tackled and stun-gunned by officers when he pulled an improvised explosive device from his pocket.

The Missoula resident is currently serving a five-year sentence with the Department of Corrections for possession of explosives and has recently filed a complaint in federal court, demanding the right to smoke marijuana during his incarceration.

According to The Missoulian, Grady claims that his constitutional right to use cannabis for religious purposes is being violated, citing Genesis 1:29 which states that God gave people “every herb bearing seed.”

Grady filed the complaint in early October though it is currently unclear whether he has paid the filing fee to begin the legal process. Officials have responded to his previous complaints by stating that marijuana is federally illegal and is not protected by freedom of religion.