Nature’s Medicine

After briefly touching on how I use cannabis to manage my BPD, Here are a few recommendations of flowers and extracts that I have found to be exceptionally beneficial towards helping aid my disorder.

Grandaddy Purple CBD Hash – 24% CBD (Black Sheep Dispensaries)

This beautifully crafted CBD hash has been an absolute lifesaver before bed when my head needs a little space from THC. The smooth, clear cerebral yet strong sedative feeling perfect for calming sleep and aiding episodes of manic mood.

Super Sour Diesel CBD Kief – 9% CBD (Black Sheep Dispensaries)

I mentioned prior how Sativa dominant products can usually interact with me a little negatively. Often leaving me confused as to whether I am becoming manic or just fully engulfed in the Sativa high. However, this again virtually THC free extract has been great for daytime use. Calming my anxieties and keeping me focused on daily tasks but still the perfect amount of relaxed and content considering my usual relationship with Sativas.

Afghan Kush – Virtually 100% Indica
I have been a firm believer for ten years that Afghan Kush is the perfect strain for almost every occasion. On the spot nap? Afghan Kush! Relationship break up? Afghan Kush. Tolerate social situations you otherwise couldn’t? See above! But what I really find this strain most beneficial for is calming my moods. The heavy Indica is the most perfect stain for relaxation, a powerful sedative high not to be abused as a little can go a long way. With a little bit of balance and used in smaller doses it can be perfect for a daytime unwind or if I am feeling generally manic or anxious. However, too much and all I will be doing is unintentionally sleeping the whole day away.