NHL Goalie David Ayres Joins CaniBrands As Brand Ambassador

A professional hockey player has signed on with a Canadian cannabidiol (CBD) company as a representative.

Mississauga, Ontario-based CaniBrands today announced that Carolina Hurricanes emergency goaltender David Ayres has joined the company as a brand ambassador.

Ayres joins the company’s roster of brand ambassadors, which includes Olympic swimmer Dara Torres (Chief Wellness Officer), professional sports coach Mark Fitzgerald, international head performance coach Tommy Powers, and former NHL performance coach Justin Roethlingshoefer.

CaniBrands says that health challenges have been a part of Ayres’ career.

In 2004, Ayres underwent a kidney transplant, from which he fully recovered and later served as a fill-in goaltender for the Toronto Maple Leafs during practices.

At the age of 42, Ayres played as an emergency goaltender for the Carolina Hurricanes in 2020, becoming the oldest hockey player to win in his debut.

Ayres says he never thought he would try a CBD product until he learned that his wife was using them for anxiety and sleep.

“I started using Cani-Mend topical creams on my knees and joints, and it’s been a lifesaver,” says Ayres. “After cannabis was legalized, I think athletes are re-examining CBD and people who may have stayed away from CBD are thinking ‘I don’t want to miss out on this.’ CaniBrands products, in particular, are used widely in professional hockey, and I’m proud to be a CaniBrands ambassador and advocate.”

Ayres, who doesn’t like beverages that use ingredients he tries to avoid, says that BaniBrands’ oral spray supplements are perfect for him when he is on the go and doesn’t have time to make a shake.

Ayres says that he can apply a few sprays throughout the day whenever he needs a boost of energy or a little more focus.

“After a workout, Cani-Fresh spray helps me calm down,” says Ayres. “While the Cani-Sleep spray is perfect to help me dream about my next NHL win.”

CaniBrands CEO Chris Lord says that after watching Ayres’ against-all-odds, winning performance against the Toronto Maple Leafs, he knew the athlete would be the perfect ambassador for CaniBrands.

“From day one, CaniBrands’ mission has been about enabling consumers to feel their best any time, anywhere, when they need it most,” says Lord. “We all have those moments in life when we’re called to do something exceptional, and our products are all about helping people to be prepared to perform at the highest level. We’re thrilled to have Dave join us in spreading the word about our healthy wellness oral spray supplements and CBD products.”