North Carolina Lawmakers To Discuss Cannabis Legalization

By Benjie Cooper

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North Carolina State Representative Kelly Alexander [D-District 109] says that he plans to discuss cannabis legalization with other lawmakers this week while he is in Raleigh.

Alexander is hoping that the talks will ultimately result in the creation of cannabis reform bills in 2019, saying that the time has come for legislators to bring marijuana policies up to date, so they align better with public opinion.

Alexander has proposed localization of cannabis regulation, similar to the way that alcohol is regulated in the state.

“North Carolina has an ABC system that pretty much is the model,” Alexander told WNCN. “We have dry counties. We have wet counties. We have portions of counties that may be wet, and the rest of them are dry. All of those are driven by local option decisions. Either by the decisions of local-elected boards, or by votes of the people.”

In the 2017-2018 regular session, Alexander introduced H185, a bill to permit licensed medical marijuana use in North Carolina as well as H994, a measure to revise state cannabis laws and automatically expunge certain convictions.

Both measures passed their first readings before being referred to committees on rules and operations of the House and Senate.