Old Pal Moves from Inferior Shareable Cannabis to Basic Beer


Old Pal, who considers themselves “one of the most recognizable names in the cannabis lifestyle space” recently announced the launch of Old Pal Ale: a beverage extension that celebrates the same message of “shareability” that is synonymous with the Old Pal brand.  But based on the Old Pal selection we’ve experienced, we’re not so sure anyone would want you to share it with them…


The announcement comes shortly after news of the growth of the Old Pal Brand into Oklahoma marking the fourth state where Old Pal cannabis products can be found. With this and the further recognition of the Old Pal look nationwide, Old Pal Ale ditches gimmicks seen in the beverage industry and instead expands on the idea that like cannabis, beer brings people together to bond over a beverage, especially at a time when we’re sticking to small groups of friends and family to weather the pandemic. But, unfortunately, they may need those gimmicks if the quality of their brew is anything like their pre-ground cannabis flower, which is literal shake that’s so dry and harsh you’re better off smoking tobacco.

image of preground cannabis from Old Pal

Image from Old Pal Provisions Instagram

A number of beer brand giants like Pabst and Lagunitas look to cannabis companies to expand their reach and with Aphria‘s acquisition of Sweetwater Brewing the cannabis and brewing cross-pollination is accelerating. Old Pal Ale expands on the lifestyle central to the Old Pal brand, from Old Pal’s classic shareable cannabis products to the wide range of items developed under Old Pal Provisions that are supposed to encourage community and connection.


Old Pal’s new beer is brewed in small batches and available in 4-pack 16oz cans. Old Pal Ale is a traditional ale that does not include THC or CBD; it’s just brewed to be beer.  Mediocre beer…we suspect.

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