Oroville Man Arrested For Selling Cannabis Candy To High School Students

A California man was arrested on Friday for selling cannabis-infused candy to students at Las Plumas High School in Oroville.

Butte County Sheriff’s Office School Resource Officer Jesse Nicholaw was patrolling an area of the high school at around 12:40 p.m. on Friday, April 5 when he spotted a suspicious vehicle parked in the staff parking lot.

The vehicle matched the description of one that had been reported to Las Plumas staff as being associated with the sale of cannabis-infused gummy bears to students at the school, so Nicholaw went to investigate.

Nicholaw conducted a traffic stop and identified the driver as 20-year-old Jacob Murray of Oroville.

During a search of the vehicle, Nicholaw found a small pile of crumpled bills next to several individually-wrapped gummy bears that were labeled for sale as they would be in a dispensary.

Murray was placed under arrest and charged with selling concentrated marijuana to a minor; a felony in California under Health and Safety Code Section 11361 which is punishable by three to seven years in prison.

Murray’s bail was set at $20,000, and Sheriffs are conducting an ongoing investigation as the man is believed to have been making sales to other juveniles in the area.