PGA Tour Suspends Pro Golfer Robert Garrigus After Failed Drug Test

The PGA Tour has suspended Robert Garrigus after the pro golfer tested positive for cannabis, which is a violation of the organization’s Tour Anti-Doping Program.

They wrote that Garrigus will be suspended for three months, in accordance with the PGA Tour Conduct Policy.

Garrigus is the first PGA Tour player to be suspended for using a drug of abuse.

“After a long period of sobriety, I had a relapse and subsequently failed a drug test for marijuana,” wrote Garrigus in an apology statement posted to Twitter. “A drug, that although legal in many states, is not permitted under the PGA TOUR’s anti-doping rules. I mention that it is legal in many states not as an excuse, but as a word of warning to many people who use or try marijuana.”

“Legal doesn’t mean it isn’t addictive and legal doesn’t mean there aren’t potentially severe consequences if it (sic) you use it,” wrote Garrigus.

Garrigus says that he will use the time during his suspension to be with family and work on regaining his sobriety.

In 2003, Garrigus entered a 45-day program at a rehabilitation facility near San Diego for cannabis use. In a 2011 interview, he revealed that he and other golfers on the Tour would smoke cannabis during events.