Pie Thief Caught With Meth And Marijuana

By Benjie Cooper

IG: @nuglifenews

YouTube: Lucid’s Vlog

Officers with the Police Department in Minden, Louisiana arrested 48-year-old Tina Adams Thursday morning after finding her at a convenience store in possession of methamphetamines and marijuana.

When police arrived at the Sibley Road Dixie Mart, they found Adams unconscious in her vehicle. After officers were unable to rouse the woman verbally, they performed a sternum rub which woke her up.

When the officers asked Adams if she had anything illegal with her, she replied that she didn’t. But when they conducted a search, the cops found a container of marijuana on the seat and what looked like crystal meth in a plastic bag wrapped in a rag inside of a makeup bag.

Police also found a needle, an alcohol swab, and rolling papers bundled up in a cloth on the seat.

Cops arrested Adams and transported her to the Minden Police Department where a female officer conducted a more thorough search of the woman and discovered a $2.49 pecan pie that she had shoplifted from the Dixie Mart and stuffed in her bra.

Adams, who was previously arrested for shoplifting in 2016, was booked on charges of possession of Schedule II narcotic, a Schedule I narcotic, drug paraphernalia, and theft by shoplifting.