Police Arrest Pair Caught With 159 Pounds Of Cannabis At Airport

Two men on a flight from California to Florida were arrested in Nashville last week after police discovered that they were smuggling 159.5 pounds of cannabis in their luggage.


Forty-year-old Trung Tieu from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and fifty-six-year-old Tihn Van Tran from Murphy, Texas were flying from Oakland, California to Jacksonville, Florida by way of Nashville, Tennessee on Tuesday when their trip came to an abrupt stop.

When Southwest Airlines Flight #364 landed in Nashville, a German shepherd sniffer dog named Boston detected the scent of cannabis coming from inside Tran’s and Tieu’s four suitcases after they came off the aircraft. Police detained and interviewed the men when they walked off the plane; their cell phones constantly rang through the questioning.

The pair consented to a search of their luggage which revealed a large quantity of vacuum-sealed plastic bags containing marijuana, wrapped in bedsheets, and masked with air freshener.

Police arrested the pair but released Tran on Wednesday night. Tieu is being held on $50,000 bond by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ineligible for release.

According to ABC, both men are facing felony charges of possession with intent to sell.