Pounds Of Marijuana Dropped Off At Florida Thrift Store

By Benjie Cooper

IG: @nuglifenews

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Employees at the Pines of Sarasota Fabulous Finds thrift store in Florida are used to receiving all kinds of donated items such as clothing, toys, books, and other household items to resell in their shop, but a recent contribution was outside the range of things that normally fill their shelves.

On Saturday, August 25, employees were checking in donations that had arrived late in the week when they opened a tote that had been sitting outside the drop-off area.

According to WFTS, an employee noticed the tote earlier in the week and had opened it, but was uncertain as to what was in it and set it aside for later inspection. Returning to the tote, he cut a hole in one of the plastic bags that were inside and realized that it contained cannabis.

Employees contacted the Sarasota Police department who came to the store, interviewed employees, and took possession of the donated marijuana.

“Obviously this is not an expected type of donation for Pines, and this is a first for us in our 70-year history,” said Pines CEO Mike Ward in a press release. “Due to the nature of the thrift store business we cannot control what items are donated, and often items are dropped off after hours. We have no idea why anyone would gift such an item to a thrift store, and suspect it was an error on their part.”

The four plastic bags that were inside tote contained 2,133.5 grams or just under five pounds of cannabis flower.

Thrift store employees are checking surveillance footage to look for clues, and police have sent the plastic bags out for DNA, latent, and drug processing as they continue their investigation.

Images: Sarasota PD