Put Down The Tequila, S*Shots Are Here

When it comes to social gatherings, nightlife, recreation, and home life, alcohol is a very common consumable that many people enjoy using for relaxation and socializing.

Despite its popularity, alcohol consumption is off the table for many people because of dietary restrictions, health complications, personal preference, or other reasons.

But in 2021, the world of legalized cannabis has paved the way for a myriad of new product innovations, including a variety of alcohol substitutes—because many people will consume cannabis but won’t touch alcohol.

If you like to consume cannabis, whether or not you abstain from alcohol, you’ll want to check out the new player that has stepped up to the bar.

S*Shots, Hard Without the Liquor

S*Shots are great on their own or in a mocktail.

K-Zen, the company behind the Mad Lilly line of cannabis-infused bottled drinks, has released S*Shots, a potent and tasty alternative to hard liquor.

S*Shots are high-dose, cannabis-infused shots that have been expertly blended with all-natural fruit juice so you can enjoy them on their own or mix them to create unique and delicious canna cocktails.

Each 100mg bottle comes with a handy measuring label on the side divided into 10mg increments, giving both novice and experienced cannabis users an easy way of pouring the perfect amount

K-Zen Founder Judy Yee says they focused on creating a portfolio of cannabis beverages to meet the needs of different types of consumers.

“We knew we needed a high-dose THC option for the portfolio and wanted to create an alternative to alcohol that was tasty enough to enjoy on its own as a shot, but also potent enough to create different cannabis mocktail recipes,” says Yee. “In short, S*Shots was inspired by cocktail culture. Experienced consumers with higher tolerance levels love it because they get an extra kick of THC compared to our lower-dose product, and our canna-curious or novice consumers love it because the shot glass makes it easy and reliable to discover their perfect dose of THC without worrying if they consumed too much.”

Flavor Shots

S*Shots currently come in Watermelon Punch, Lemon Crush, and Tropical Thunder flavors, with more flavors on the way.

Tropical Thunder is pineapple-mango-sweet orange beach-y bliss.

The Watermelon Punch flavor recently won first place in the Best Beverage Mix category at WEEDCon 2021.

Tropical Thunder is a pineapple-mango-sweet orange flavor that K-Zen says will whisk you away to beach-y bliss.

The Lemon Crush flavor is a “Familiar and refreshing lemonade-y tang with a sweet note that leaves you smiling while you quench your thirst”

Keeping in step with the modern cannabis world’s innovations, S*Shots come infused with nano-encapsulated THC for a quick onset time and no lingering side effects.

“It’s important to us that we create an experience similar to alcohol with our beverages in the sense that they can be absorbed quickly by the body and consistently deliver fast-acting effects,” says Yee. “But with our products, you won’t have a hangover or feel dehydrated the next day. It’s for these reasons that we use nano-encapsulated THC in all of our beverages. It’s what allows us to create beverages that are safe, stable, and potent while protecting the amazing fresh flavors of our beverages to provide a much more enjoyable experience for our customers.”

Yee says the company’s mission is to improve how people enjoy cannabis, whether it be a 5mg bottle of Mad Lilly Spritzer after work, or a 100mg bottle of S*Shots in mocktails at a party.

“We see cannabis as a real alternative to alcohol,” says Yee. “We are already seeing this large-scale cultural shift happen in certain markets, and we want to make sure people have delicious options. We have two new flavors of S*Shots hitting the market this Summer and Fall that will help make great Summer cannabis mocktails and evolve some Winter holiday favorites.”