Quebec and Alberta to Go 18+ for Cannabis Users

Quebec and Alberta to Go 18+ for Cannabis Users

By Katie Burke

The federal government of Canada has left it up to the provinces and states to decide on the legal age for consumption. In an effort to deter 18+ cannabis users of buying their weed in the black market, Quebec will be setting the legal age to smoke pot at 18+, according to Radio Canada. Quebec Public Security Minister Martin Coiteux was quoted as saying, “It’s not our decision, it’s the decision of the federal government. It’s not necessarily the decision we would have made, but now it’s our responsibility to build the framework.”

And building the framework is exactly what the provinces are trying to do. In Alberta, Justice Minister Kathleen Ganley, had announced just yesterday some proposed rules, which Albertans can weigh in on between now and October 27. Here’s what she released:

  • Public possession limit of 30 grams (with no limit on possession in private residences).
  • Sales will be in specialty stores, separate from alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Limit of 30 grams per purchase.
  • Smoking and vaping in public will fall under existing tobacco laws.
  • No smoking or vaping in vehicles, including passengers.
  • Four plants can be grown per household, to a maximum height of one meter each.
  • Outdoor growing will be banned.

Public consumption will only be allowed where smoking is currently prohibited. The provinces will be taking it slow at first not allowing on-line cannabis sales and cannabis smoke cafes. Although they aren’t ruling it out forever. It is something they will work towards in the future.