Reduced Liver Damage for Cannabis

By Benji Garcia-Reyes

Recently there have been multiple research reports finding that heavy alcohol drinkers who also smoke cannabis regularly had lower odds of developing several types of liver diseases and cancers, over casual and non-cannabis users.

Research teams from the University of Massachusetts, Johns Hopkins University, New York’s Maimonides Medical Center, Stanford University and the National Institute of Scientific Research at the University of Quebec, all had similar findings from comparing alcohol and cannabis use patterns in alcoholic group samples.

The similarities in the various teams’ research strongly suggested alcoholics who also use cannabis regularly have, on average, 90% chance less of developing various liver diseases like steatosis, cirrhosis, hepatitis and the liver cancer hepatocellular carcinoma.

None of the research indicates that it is a good idea to consume alcohol and cannabis simultaneously, the studies merely reflect correlations in cannabis use’s effects on liver inflammation, scarring, and other damage.

The Stanford University study research also included findings that show cannabis users were less likely to be obese, despite consuming more calories, soda, and alcohol. In other words, cannabis also has its dietary benefits.