Roger Stone Kicked Off Of Speakers List Cannabis World Congress And Business Expo.

By Katie Burke

Roger Stone is a known Trump ally. However, this is not the reason he has been dumped as a keynote speaker at the upcoming CWCBExpo being held in Los Angeles. While in the past Roger Stone was seen as an ally to the cannabis community by keeping lines of communication open with President Donald Trump. Most recently The Minority Cannabis Business Association has put pressure on the event by calling for attendees and participants to boycott the event due to his lewd and racist tweets. Which included calling commentator Roland Martin a “stupid negro.” He called New York Times columnist Gail Collins an “elitist c*nt,” and stated anchor Megyn Kelly has a “nice set of cans.”

Mr. Stone has responded by email to Buzzfeed news by threatening to sue the CWCBExpo for 1 million dollars and that his “many supporters” would be at CWCBExpo and “will f#@* them up.”Hope they are well heeled. See their sorry asses in court; I will not be deterred from my efforts to persuade the President to preserve access to legal medicinal marijuana consistent with his pledge to the American people.”

The CWCBExpo hasn’t yet released who they will replace him with as their keynote speaker.