San Diego’s Cannabis Industry Comes Together at Sensi Night San Diego

By Andrew Wagner
IG: @sdcannablogger

Cannabis publication Sensi hosted its third annual Sensi Night San Diego on Thursday, August 30. The magazine hosted the professional networking event, which brought together some big names in the Southern California cannabis industry as well as small, family-run start-ups. It was a fun evening where professionals in the cannabis industry could mingle, exchange information, and hand out a lot of promotional swag.

Local San Diego cannabis tour group MJ Tours and local dispensary SDRC provided their mobile vaping lounges for guests to enjoy. Since it’s often said that deals are made in the bar room, not the board room, this also provided guests with a small, intimate setting to discuss collaborations, make plans, etc.

Once inside, guests were given a variety of food and drink options. A taco truck and three food trucks allowed guests to satisfy any munchies they may be feeling. CBD-infused coffee was also available to provide guests with a little pick-me-up. Finally, a DJ kept the vibe chill but energetic, playing some great tunes.

Vendors were available to answer questions and provide demonstrations on a wide variety of cannabis products. Local dispensaries Torrey Holistics, Urbn Leaf, SDRC, and OutCo were on-hand to represent San Diego’s recreational and medical cannabis community. Each dispensary displayed their finest product and provided guests with information on how they were the best cannabis in San Diego.

Guests could also find a treasure trove of cannabis-based products, samples, and services. Dr. Rachel Hamel, the “cranial chiropractor”, described how she believes in a “top-down” approach to chiropractic care, starting from the head/neck/shoulder area, and incorporating CBD-infused therapy.

Dr. Rachel Hamel


San Diego-based Mary’s Medicinals had Brand Ambassadors on-hand to demonstrate their impressive line of CBD-infused patches and topicals. They also provided information on their THC-infused products and where consumers could purchase them.

Mary’s Medicinals


The creators of, billed as the “Craigslist of Cannabis”, offered demonstrations of their cannabis-focused online classifieds site and how it benefits the cannabis community.


Quite possibly the most unique and fun vendor there was AJ’s Dope Soaps. Out of the plethora of vendors offering CBD-infused soaps and bath bombs, AJ’s Dope Soaps stood out in a very good way. With fun names like “Dirty Hippie” soap, they took the stigma surrounding the cannabis community, turned it on itself, and made us laugh. Their creativity wasn’t limited to their naming; their products reflected a fun, whimsical vibe with great quality.


One of the most innovative products represented was Abscent odor absorbing bags. Their premium styled bags offer a wide array of options for consumers to discreetly carry their cannabis products.



Aside from a significant lack of lighting, Sensi Night appeared to be a great success. Since the cannabis industry is nothing if not accustomed to overcoming obstacles, vendors and guests used their smartphones and tablets to illuminate an industry whose time is coming. Events like Sensi Night that bring the cannabis community together are a giant leap toward making the cannabis industry more mainstream. The more professional networking events like these we have, the more we can educate the public regarding the numerous benefits cannabis can provide, thus breaking down the stigma surrounding cannabis use.