Sears Distribution Center To Become Cannabis Manufacturing Site

By Benjie Cooper

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Since 1886, Sears, Roebuck and Company (Sears) has sold a seemingly endless variety of products in their stores and through their famous catalogs. From clothes and exercise equipment to toys, tools, and farming supplies, Sears has long-supplied North America with everyday items, including drugs.

Over-the-counter pain relievers are readily available on the Sears website, but it’s been many decades since products containing arsenic, opium, cocaine, heroin, and cannabis have been available from the for purchase from the company.

While the Sears company isn’t going back into the business of selling cannabis products at this time, in the midst of continually declining revenue they have sold one of their vacant buildings in Gatineau, Quebec to a company that intends to lease it to a cannabis product manufacturer.

Belleville Complex Incorporated owns the 2,004,000 square-foot facility and has leased 500,000 square-feet, roughly one-quarter of the site, to the Hexo Corporation. Hexo manufactures cannabis cosmetics, vapes, various edibles and plans to bring jobs back to the area through the new location.

“There is a skilled workforce in the Belleville area, and we look forward to capturing it,” said Hexo co-founder and CEO Sebastien St-Louis in a press release. “We are investing in the region and its people with a view to achieving a sustainable national presence.”

There is no official word at this time as to how many jobs Hexo might create in the area.

“For the first time, we are stepping out of our home province of Quebec and are committed to and demonstrating our commitment to serve and expand across Canada,” said St-Louis. “And we are keeping future partnership and international opportunities in sight for the near future.”

A public meeting of the Belleville City Council is scheduled for October where they will discuss the re-zoning, which will need their approval before Hexo can move forward with the new site.