Select Unveils Nano-THC Beverage Enhancer And New Vapes

If you’ve been inside a cannabis shop in the past few years, you’ve likely seen or tried products from Curaleaf’s Select brand.

Since it started six years ago, Select has grown to become “America’s #1 cannabis oil brand,” with products available in more than 1,300 dispensaries in 18 states.

Vermont is the most recent state to join the company roster, coinciding with the launch of a brand-new Select product.

The Cough that Started it All

Select was born in 2015 after a friend of co-founder Cameron Forni complained of a cough from using cannabis vaping products.

The culprit behind the cough turned out to

Poor quality wicks can cause problems

Silica fiberglass wicks are a bad idea.

be the silica fiberglass wicks inside the vapes.

If vapes have also given you coughing fits, the wick may be the reason why.

In addition to an uncomfortable and aggravating cough, inhaling silica fiberglass can lead to serious health problems.

Forni set out to create a better vaping product, minus the coughing and severe health risks.

The result was a vape cartridge filled with premium-quality distillate cannabis oil and a wick made from organic Japanese cotton that didn’t irritate the lungs.

Go Fresh

Select’s latest vaping innovations come in the form of a small compact device and new cartridge offerings.

Last week, Select launched a new line of Fresh cartridges and Go batteries to power them.

A Fresh option for vape lovers

How about a Fresh vape to Go?

The company’s new Fresh cartridges come filled with .3 grams of broad-spectrum distillate and feature a thoughtfully-crafted, fruit-inspired terpene profile.

Select uses botanically-derived terpenes in its oils.

At .3 grams, Select says the cartridges come at a lower price point for cost-conscious consumers.

The accompanying Go battery, calibrated to 3.5v, is built off the 510 platform, though it is solely intended for use with Go cartridges.

The Go battery also features an LED at the base, which illuminates during use and changes color when power is nearly drained.

For environmentally-minded consumers, the Go battery is also rechargeable to avoid unnecessary battery waste.

“Curaleaf is committed to elevating the cannabis experience of each and every kind of patient and consumer, and through the launch of Select Fresh, we are able to round out our product portfolio with an option for those who value flavor, portability, and an attractive price point,” says Curaleaf President Joe Bayern. “The launch of Fresh is one more step in executing our strategy of becoming a leading CPG cannabis company by creating products that meet the needs of our consumers with brands people love.”

The Select Fresh line breaks new ground in the cannabis industry, debuting in ten markets within a four-week window.

The initial launch puts products into shops in Arizona, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Nevada, and Oklahoma.

In the second week of April, Fresh products will be on store shelves in California, Colorado, Florida, and Massachusetts.

Select Your Essentials

Earlier in March, Select launched its Essentials lineup, featuring 1-gram cartridges filled with premium-quality cannabis oils and terpenes.

Going on a trip? Remember to pack the Essentials.

Real essential oil.

Select says that Essentials embodies its “All Your Favorite Strains” mantra by combining its award-winning distillate with botanically-derived terpenes.

Each cartridge will yield approximately 150 to 300 puffs, offering an extended experience for consumers who like a longer-lasting cartridge.

Select Essentials is currently available in California and will be in Arizona, Colorado, and Nevada dispensaries during Spring 2021.

The Future of Liquid Edibles is Here

In the years since Select’s inception, the company has expanded its product line to include ingest-able products, such as Select Fresh, in addition to the inhaled ones.

Squeeze to activate

Mary Jane loves a little squeeze.

Today, the company is simultaneously launching Select Squeeze in 14 states, with the goal of changing the cannabis beverage game forever.

And while drinkable THC products have become popular and prominent items in the cannabis market over the past several years, beverage options for consumers are still somewhat limited.

Options are limited by what types of drinks and flavors manufacturers decide to put in a bottle or can.

The insolubility of THC has also been something that producers have struggled with over the years.

Select has solved both issues with Squeeze.

THC has never been so easy to use

Nano-emulsification makes THC oil blend with water.

With Squeeze’s launch today, Select gives THC consumers the freedom to quickly and easily turn their favorite hot or cold beverage into a cannabis-infused liquid edible.

Squeeze is a THC beverage enhancer with nanotechnology at its core, enabling the product to blend with water without the need for stirring.

Cannabis edibles are notorious for their slow onset time, but Squeeze’s nanotechnology infusion speeds up the process.

Nano-emulsification turns cannabis oil into microscopic droplets, allowing them to dissolve in water and absorb into the bloodstream more easily.

Quicker absorption means that the consumer can feel the THC’s effects in around 15-20 minutes.

Squeeze Me, Please

Squeeze for easy dosing

Easy dose it.

Use is simple; squeeze the bottle to fill the reservoir with a 5mg dose and then pour it into your drink.

Repeat as many times as needed to bring the beverage’s THC content to your preferred level.

Each 150mg bottle of Squeeze is low-calorie, vegan, gluten-free, and comes in four varieties; watermelon, strawberry lemonade, lemon-lime, and hint of sweet.

The hint of sweet variety enables you to add THC to beverages like coffee or tea without any additional flavoring, like a THC-infused sweetener.

Squeeze some liquid THC sweetener

I like coffee and I like tea, but they’re both much better with THC.

The Squeeze bottle’s compact design makes it easy for discrete dosing whenever or wherever you feel like giving your drink a little THC boost.

As Select continues to innovate on its journey to becoming the first nationally recognized cannabis brand, the company says it’s determined to provide patients with consistent access to products they can trust.

“Curealeaf has been on the forefront of creating sophisticated cannabis experiences and introducing high-quality, consistent consumer products in a variety of form functions, says Curaleaf CEO Joe Bayern. “We’re incredibly excited to launch Select Squeeze across multiple states, as this new product not only addresses the rising market demand for edibles and beverage products but also underscores the mainstream adoption of cannabis products across a diverse array of U.S. consumers.”

With the launch of Squeeze, Select’s products are now available in 18 states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Maryland, New York, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Vermont.

To find a local shop that carries Select products, check the Find Us page on the company website