Slipknot Percussionist Clown Launches Cannabis Line

A founding member of the metal band Slipknot is getting into the cannabis business.

Hollister Biosciences and Heavy Grass today announced a partnership with Slipknot percussionist Michael Crahan, also known as Clown or #6, to produce a line of Clown Cannabis-branded HashBone pre-rolls.

HashBone is one of Hollister’s signature pre-roll products in California.

Potent Prerolls

Each special edition Clown pack includes matches and six half-gram pre-rolls filled with Indica flower and Paradise Citrus bubble hash at a 75-25 percent ratio.

According to a press release, the Indica flower features an earthy citrus-rich flavor profile with sublime sedating effects, while the Paradise Citrus bubble hash promotes full-body relaxation with happy head highs.

The Paradise Citrus hash comes from a cross of Tropicana Cookies and Tina.

Hollister says lab testing shows the potency of the pre-rolls to be over 40 percent THC.

Hollister Co-Founder and CEO Carl Saling says that the partnership with Clown is the company’s first step in combining hard rock/metal with cannabis in a truly authentic way.

“We are very excited to be launching our HashBone collaboration with Clown,” says Saling. “We couldn’t ask for a better partner and someone who is true to the plant. Additionally, we are happy that we get to bring Clown to market in tandem with our friends at Heavy Grass—leveraging their experience in music-inspired cannabis products will amplify our overall marketing efforts.”

Hollister has a licensing agreement with California cannabis brand Heavy Grass to produce and sell co-branded cannabis products primarily through collaborations with its music partners.

The Clown HashBone line is the first collaborative effort between Hollister, Heavy Grass, and one of its artists.

Concert Contest

To celebrate the launch of Clown Cannabis, Heavy Grass and Clown are running the “Clown’s Green Ticket” contest.

The contest winner will receive two tickets to every Slipknot show they would like to attend anywhere in the world for the next three years.

The Clown’s Green Ticket contest runs from May 17 to June 1, 2021.