Solfeggio Frequencies

By Ian Garrity

Feeling stressed and anxious? Can’t sleep? Trying to Meditate? Fried? Then the Solfeggio Frequencies are for you!

The ancient solfeggio frequencies are a set of notes in a scale that are attributed with healing properties. There are a total of nine frequencies that each have a purported unique ability associated with them.

They were used in over 150 Gregorian Chants. Don’t worry; I’m not trying to convert you over to Catholicism. With that being said, I mean no disrespect if you are religious.

There are many different recordings of the scale. However, this version right here is my personal preference:

You may find this one a bit boring, as it does not contain any musical accompaniment other than the deep, intense swirling of frequencies. However, if I am trying to sleep, I prefer these sounds over other relaxation music because they are less jarring, stimulating and distracting. These are straightforward hypnotizing tones designed to completely relax your mind and body without overdoing it and missing the point completely. This recording also contains all nine frequencies instead of just the initial 6.

I suggest listening with high quality, noise-canceling headphones at a moderately loud volume while sitting on a super comfy piece of furniture. Enjoy!

Caution: You may fall asleep and be transported to another spiritual realm. Use it well!

Also: Shout out to my cousin Cara for giving me a spot here! You rock!