North Carolina Man Arrested After CBD Gummies Intercepted

By Benjie Cooper

IG: @nuglifenews

YouTube: Lucid’s Vlog

A package was making its way through a United Parcel Service (UPS) terminal in Raleigh, North Carolina when it fell and opened, revealing more than two-hundred pounds of cannabidiol-infused (CBD) gummies inside.

In North Carolina, CBD is only legal for children who have intractable epileptic disorders, but retail outlets that carry the non-psychoactive cannabinoid have been increasing in the area.

According to records, there was a total of four boxes weighing a total of 241 pounds that were addressed to a storage facility on SW Cary Parkway. The News Observer reports that one of the parcels opened when workers were unloading it from a truck that had come from Florida, and the gummies fell out.

Upon discovering the contents of the package, UPS contacted detectives in the town of Cary to report that what they found.

While there was no unit number on any of the shipping paperwork, police found a phone number which they traced back to 47-year-old Ayman Tamim Nu Man Alqazah. The man told officers he is a wholesaler of gas station items such as electronic cigarettes.

Alqazah, who filed a report with police when his storage unit was broken into in June, was arrested and charged with trafficking marijuana before being released on bail. The Apex resident is scheduled to appear in court next week to face the charges.