Spa City Hotel Allowing Cannabis

By Cara Anderson

IG: @carajojo

Desert Hot Springs is known for their spas, and great cannabis businesses. Home to Canndescent’s massive indoor grow facilities, now cannabis tourism is getting off the ground in the city.

Desert Hot Springs Inn, under new management, is now allowing cannabis at their hotel. While the hotel won’t be selling cannabis, or allowing guests to smoke in their rooms, they will provide a safe space for tourists to consume.

Now hotel patrons can hit popular Desert Hot Springs dispensaries Green Pearl, Deserts Finest, and SunGrow Collective, then head to Desert Hot Springs Inn to relax legally and peacefully.

Manager of the inn, John Thatcher, told KMIR, “A cannabis friendly inn is a place where you can go and smoke cannabis and use cannabis related products without the fear of somebody calling the cops or without people trying to shut you down on it.”

It’s clearly an effective way to entice vacationers to a hotel, and it won’t be long before more of the Coachella Valley begins to embrace cannabis tourism. DHS’ neighboring city, Palm Springs, just granted a permit to Coachella Valley Green Dragon for a smoke lounge. The smoke lounge will be the first of it’s kind in Southern California.