Stoner Stereotypes

Some Stoner Stereotypes and the Goal of Social Acceptability…

By: Juniper Mead

IG: @socal.420

You regularly hear the phrase “Mommy needs a glass of wine,” and although in some circles it meets judgment, it’s not nearly as harsh as what you’re met with if you were to replace fermented grapes with dried flowers.  In my circles, “mommy needs a blunt” is an all too common thing to say.  Or “mommy needs a dab” or any other variation of cannabis consumption.  Among ourselves, it’s met with a knowing nod, an encouraging smile and the knowledge that we, as parents, will be all the better for the moments we have taken for ourselves.  

In those moments of clarity, or cloudiness, depending on the strain, I’ve thought a lot about WHY there is so much judgment among non-cannabis consumers about those of us that do.  The misconception of “lazy stoner” has been perpetuated for so long that it’s been hard to overcome. At this point in the economy of society, one has to realize that cannabis has become not only a booming business but a business is being run by the very stoners that have been called lazy all along.  So, we can’t keep being met with the stereotype that all cannabis consumers are lazy, don’t work, are unable to hold a job, and that parents who partake are not caring properly for their children.

About that parenting thing…at any given moment across this country, there are thousands of children that have been removed from their loving, kind and decent parents due to the fact that the parent lives in a state that does not recognize the medical benefits of cannabis.  Displaced, uprooted, and sometimes placed in homes that leave them in conditions much worse than any child should ever have to endure.  All because of a stereotype placed upon a plant. All we need is more education, normalization, and recognition for the people that are changing the laws and making a difference. 76% of doctors worldwide approve or endorse medical marijuana use.  That’s got to say something right?  

One of my biggest goals in life is cannabis normalization.  Simply put, I’d like it to be as socially acceptable for me to have a cannabis infused drink as it is a beer at a BBQ. Or, for me to be able to say “mommy needs a blunt” instead of a glass of wine and not have a judgment placed upon my parenting skills. I hope that all cannabis consumers out there will join me in this, and we can break some of these stereotypes.  Social acceptability has never been a big priority for stoners (or is that a stereotype too?), but let’s make it work!