Student Teacher Fired For Selling Edibles To Marching Band

By Benjie Cooper

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A student teacher in Muskegon, Michigan was fired this week after she allegedly sold edibles to marching band students who were on a competition trip over the weekend.

Students from the Orchard View High School traveled to Detroit to participate in the 2018 Michigan Competing Band Association Championship Contests at Ford Field on Saturday, November 3.

But at some point before the trip, the student teacher is claimed to have sold edibles to one of the students, which a small number of them ingested during the weekend trip.

“The student teacher who allegedly provided the marijuana has been removed from her position and will not be returning to Orchard View,” said Orchard View Schools Superintendent Jim Nielsen in a letter to parents on November 5. “Muskegon Township Police will continue their investigation and Orchard View Schools will fully cooperate with their efforts.”

The band director and principal also discovered that other students had brought along vaping devices, which were confiscated, tested, and found to be non-cannabis vapes.

Nielsen stated that the incident provided a great opportunity for parents to discuss things like e-cigarettes and illegal drugs with their children.