Supercharge Your Grow

Supercharge Your Grow
By Anthony Ussery

For the cannabis world, these are exciting times in California. With the legalization of marijuana in the state whose population is bigger than all of Canada, marijuana cultivation is going to rise in astronomical proportions.

It is estimated that there will be thousands of industrial growers and at least 200,000 private growers in California, all of them wanting to maximize their yield. “Whether you are a farmer growing for distribution, or a private citizen growing for your own need, you are going to want to get the most production out of your plants that you can,” says Jay C., a cultivation expert from The Cannabis Farmers Market who has been growing for the last 20 years.

There will be enormous purchases of water filtration systems, fertilizers and other plant vitamins and growers will be looking for the edge. But like a gamer, what if you were given the cheat code to marijuana growing? If you could grow bigger and healthier plants that give you higher yields (bigger buds) from the start, would you want it?

Well, there is a company that says they have the cheat code for growing marijuana. Agro Innovations, Inc., a Nevada corporation working in conjunction with Enviro Conservation Solutions, knows that their 4:20 Accelerator Grow System will give the growers exactly what they need to maximize their growing.

“Our system has been used on other crops with incredible success for years”, says President Anthony Ussery, “It’s been used on corn, alfalfa, tomatoes, hops, wheat and dragon fruit, just to name a few…We have been waiting for the day that the largest growing market of marijuana became legal. Since legalization we have been testing our system on many strains of cannabis with phenomenal results.”

What is the 4:20 Accelerator Grow System? It is a system that uses specially designed, patented magnets to treat the water, making it more soluble so the nutrients can be more efficiently delivered to the plant being treated.

“The best water you can use to grow plants is rain water”, says Johnny Smith, a Water and Magnet expert in Texas, “The simple short explanation that when rain water hits the soil it is positively charged and the soil or ground is negatively charged. Like a giant magnet, the water is absorbed by the ground and the nutrients which are picked up in the air by the rain remain in a soluble state and are ingested by the plant as efficient as you can get.”

So, what has changed that? Man has. Because water has to be carried from place to place utilizing conduits, which changes the charge of the water molecule from positive to negative. “This in fact causes the water to release the nutrients, which is now attracted to the conduit and loses its soluble make up, says Smith, “That is why you see calcium build up in the pipes. Also, the ground tries to repel the water because of the negative to negative charges between the ground and the water.”

So the bottom line question is what is the benefits for using the Cannabis Enhancement Grow System. Jay breaks it down for us:

1 – You get 10% to 40% more yield
2 – Trichome production is increased
3 – Trichome density is increased
4 – Terpene production is increased
5 – Decreases bug infestation
6 – Decreases mold and fungus
7 – Increases cellular wall density
8 – Increases nutrient uptake
9 – Decreases water and nutrient usage

When asked if it works with every strain, Jays said, “Definitely, it’s a plant and the system helps plants grow. It’s not voodoo or witchcraft, it is pure science. It is definitely the cheat code when it comes to growing marijuana.”

The bottom line is, according to Agro Innovations you get bigger, healthier, and better yielding marijuana plants while cutting your cost to grow them. Ussery says “The beauty in our system is that it uses all-natural material. No extra power source is needed and it never wears out…Ok so maybe in 50 to 100 years the magnets lose their power.”

Agro has a system for the industrial grower called the Cannabis Enhancement Grow System, and a system for private grower called the 4:20 Grow Accelerator System. “Personal system covers up to 6 plants. One version is for people living in a condo or apartment, and another for homes.” says Ussery.

If you are interested in seeing more information on the product or making a purchase, check us out the 4:20 Accelerator Grow System online.

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Condo/Apartments: $595.00

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