Sweet Tooth Review

Strain Name: Sweet Tooth

By: Nikki Walls, Ms. Major Blazer

Instagram: @Ms.Major Blazer

Grade: A+

90% Indica 10% Sativa


THC Content: 10% – 13%

From: Private Grower

Appearance: Soft and fluffy dark forest green, combined with light green accents, covered in tiny, crystal trichomes. Orange hairs ravage throughout the lush pistils.  

Helps: Originating from mixing strains from Hawaii, Afghanistan, and Nepal; This strains’ analgesic properties works wonders on all over pain. From first inhale, you can catch the strong smell of fruit

, with floral undertones that allow for not just long lasting pain relief, but an enjoyable high.

Feel: Don’t let the average THC content discourage you from trying this complex strain. It provides a surprisingly strong high that leans towards being for more experienced smokers.