Tainted Alcohol From Mexico

By Frank G. Shineman

To begin this report, I want to start out with what many would call a disclaimer.  Before I dive into this report on occurrences of tainted alcohol I want to warn not only those who have traveled to Mexico before and those who have not yet gone there.  For many years I was a fan of almost everything Mexican. I still love the food, to some degree the culture, and also the people.  However, it is very important to me, as one who knows Mexico as I do, to warn you beforehand of a great evil that permeates and poisons a country such as Mexico.  Yes, I know it is very easy to be lulled into complacency by the beautiful beaches, the sunny climates, the reasonably priced luxury hotels and last but not least the wide variety of dishes ranging from seafood of all kinds of delicious meat dishes.

There is, has always been, and always will be, a pervasive and cancerous plague of vile corruption throughout Mexican society.  It can be found from the lowest street cop on the beat to the highest level of the National Government.  It is very important to anyone entering Mexico, for whatever period of time, to be very vigilant of those dwelling in the underbelly of Mexican society.  Because of these facts that no one should be surprised about, I will endeavor to report in a very comprehensive way, the seriousness of the problem.  In a nutshell; be forewarned when you travel into Mexico, be vigilant for your own safety, as well as loved ones and friends with you. Though as I have mentioned Mexico’s corruption has always been existent, in more recent years Mexico has become a very violent and dangerous country, especially in the border regions, but also wherever there are fun loving tourists seeking a few days of relaxation.

Reportedly in July, over ten thousand gallons of contaminated liquor were confiscated by the Mexican government.  It was mostly found in the areas of Playa del Carmen and Cancun in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo.  According to recently researched reports, the U.S. State Department pressured Mexican government agencies, after the death of a young Wisconsin resident, Abby Connor, aged 20 and the serious injury of her brother at the same resort in the coastal area of Quintana Roo. Ms. Connor’s blood alcohol level was at least three times the legal limit, but medical and legal authorities determined that the alcohol consumed by the Connor siblings indeed severely contaminated.

In this year of 2017, the publication, Euromonitor International reported that as much as 36% of all alcohol served to the tourist trade in Mexico can be severely contaminated. Though other sources have said, in past years, it was as high as 43%.

Dear Reader, are you beginning to get the picture? Indeed, it has been proven that alcohol of types never intended for human consumption have been widely found in alcohol served to tourists. Some of these poisonous forms of alcohol have been perfume, cologne, pharmaceutical alcohol (read denatured and wood alcohol), and even mouthwash. According to U.S. government reports, what is commonly done is that huge vats of these poisonous products are mixed with tequila and other assorted flavorings.  They are then sold to unsuspecting tourists from all over the world.  Please go online to the website of The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for more complete information plus a report from the Mexican government.  In short, approximately thirty-one hotels, bars, and resorts were inspected and only two establishments were closed.

In a final word, let me also inform the readers of this article, that the criminal element involved in the tourist trade not only do not care who they may poison but they also strive to rob, rape, and extort any victims they can find. One final question to all of you that might want to travel to Mexico: If you love wide sunny beaches, cool tropical breezes, luxury hotels with a wide variety of delicious food to enjoy; why not consider Southern California, Hawaii, Florida or even the Gulf Coast?