The Art of Mary Janes Ballers Bash 2

By Jessica Skinner

Instagram: @kushy_kitty

Ballers Bash is undoubtedly on it’s way to becoming, one of the hottest events to attend. The event collaborates cannabis education, music, and print journalism for an action packed night.

Sponsored in huge part by The Art of Mary Jane Magazine, and Cannabis Talk 101, we were bound to have an experience. It turned out to be much more than I expected…in all the best ways. Walking in, I honestly thought to myself…”I thought this would be bigger.” I immediately ate my words, directly in front of me was GG Strains, as many events as I have been to, I’ve yet to meet with the creators of the ever growing in popularity Gorilla Glue #4, Gorilla Glue #5, Glucci, and as I found out…more to come. I have to admit, I became a little giddy as we talked about growing gg#4, and all the new things to come. As a grower and fan, this conversation alone warranted attendance.

Turning to the left was another vendor currently crushing this industry Slactivas, in all their syrupy glory. They served up those THC drinks all night…..making eyes heavy and smiles bright. This booth is a top 5 competitor. They offer up tasty, potent, and decently priced beverages, and somehow manage to be everywhere. I know there will be much more coming from team Slactivas, and I eagerly await.

The patients in attendance were all enjoying themselves, and it was evident. The atmosphere and energy vibrating with positivity and acceptance. This is the place to go. Ganja Eats was serving up their medicated BBQ, and you know I had to have some. Mac and Cheese, ribs, baked beans, all with a medicated kick. They are making a name for themselves with a whole line of DYI products to take home, and use in your favorite recipes. Bodega Treats were present they brought gifts with a little taste of everything. Candies, Hot Cheetos, nuts, nachos and so much more.

Hearing a roar from the crowd, I follow their attention to the stage. Cannabis Talk 101 and Art of Mary Jane model Milanya Maria had taken over. This is easily one of the top, cannabis-based broadcasts in the nation, and growing. Featuring The Pot Brothers at Law, and Chris “Blue” Wright. They bring us information and entertainment while educating us on cannabis law development. They are truly an integral brick in the cannabis industries foundation, generously sharing time and resources to assist each and every one of us. Alongside them is D-Loc of The Kottonmouth Kings. One of raps original, cannabis-heavy, groups. Busting out of Southern California in the mid-nineties, bringing a whole new sound and still creating new beats. We haven’t heard the last of them yet.

We had a short time to speak with The Sober Junkie, one of the most humble and amazing people I’ve met yet. If it’s music, yes he does. Also an addiction survivor, because of cannabis. He like myself takes every opportunity he can to spread the message of “cannabis for rehab.” Knowing on a personal level, all the amazing healing properties cannabis has, he is a full-time advocate.

We had the fortunate experience of catching a performance by Sam.I.Am. One of Snoop Dogg’s newest artists. Part of the LBC movement created by Snoop Dogg, and releasing their first collaboration in 2016 titled Endless Summer….you can catch it on SoundCloud. I came to understand exactly why this was a private and exclusive event. It’s not everyday you get to just hang out and chat with these people. It was an intimate yet casual affair. It didn’t matter who you were, if you were there, you were welcome. Personally and speaking for my team, we had an amazing time. I met a lot of awesome people and learned of more information resources. If I ever have the chance to go again, I will. The thought that this is only the beginning makes me anxiously await the next one.