The Dipper, More than Meets The Eye

By Benjie Cooper

IG: @nuglifenews

YouTube: Lucid’s Vlog

In 2018, there are seemingly limitless options for the cannabis consumer who is looking to customize their cannabinoid consumption experience.

While smoking flower remains the most popular way to consume marijuana, concentrates have experienced a surge in popularity over the past several years, giving way to a host of new ideas and innovations.

Dab rigs and nectar collectors are the two go-to standards in dabbing devices, but it’s not always convenient to carry around a torch or a glass piece.

Helping fill the need, advancements in digital and battery technology in the last decade have spawned an influx of electronic dabbing instruments in the cannabis market, and vape pens have become a quick and easy way to dose on the go for many consumers.

For patients or recreational users who want to use their own concentrates instead of buying cartridges, electronic wax pens and nectar collectors are two torch-less devices that offer the convenience of a vape pen but with the freedom to switch flavors at-will.

But Dipstick Vapes takes things one step further by combining the two versatile devices into one handy little cannabinoid-blasting transformer called the Dipper.

When the Dipper isn’t atomizing sweet puffs of cannabis oil in its nectar collector form, it quickly changes and rolls along stealthily in its sleek vape pen mode.

Five clicks of the button activate the device, and clicking another three times will cycle between the temperature presets. Low, medium, and high settings allow the user to adjust the heat level to dial-in their preferred balance between flavor level and cloud volume.

Lower temperatures will tend to result in a richer flavor from the cannabis oil while higher temps will produce more voluminous vapor clouds.

Alternate technique in nectar collector mode

With the vapor tip atomizer inserted, a single press of the button will activate the coil, which will quickly begin to glow red.

Lightly touching the tip of the atomizer to your concentrates, moving in tiny circles, and slowly inhaling will produce a flavorful cloud of vapor at any temperature setting. To create a slightly larger cloud, I found it helpful to gather an amount of cannabis oil on the included dab tool and touch it to the coil rather than contacting the atomizer directly with the oil stash.

Loading the quartz atomizer

If you’re ready for a bigger hit, then it’s time to switch to pen mode. By swapping the vapor tip for the quartz crystal atomizer and capping it with the mouthpiece, the Dipper quickly transforms and is ready to hit harder than Optimus did after Megatron assured him, β€œIt’s over Prime.”

With your favorite concentrate loaded into the quartz atomizer, it’s all but over as one click of the button sparks the dual coils to life, producing satisfying clouds of vapor.

Clean cannabis concentrate flavor shines through with the Dipper as each puff it produces is smooth and delicious.

The unit is easy to maintain, and cleaning the device is simple. By soaking the atomizers for around thirty minutes in ninety-percent-or-higher isopropyl alcohol and then rinsing with warm water, the tips are easily restored to prime condition.

The interior air passage is also easily cleaned by dipping one of the included 4 1/2” cotton swabs in isopropyl alcohol and pushing it through the airway. With little more alcohol to clean the reclaim chamber and mouthpiece, and a fresh charge on the battery, the Dipper is ready to go again.

Compact, stylish, versatile, and effective, the Dipper is a great addition to any dabber’s arsenal.

The Dipper was previously selling for $149.99 through the Dipstick Vapes website but is currently listed at a reduced price of $114.99.