The New Heights of Fine Dining…

UPscale LOWdose cannabis-infused experiences

There is something big happening in the emerging cannabis market.  As premium buyer clubs spring up offering luxury cannabis products through memberships that can cost $2,000 a year and more, there is a new form of connoisseurship emerging.

And with good reason.  If you thought connoisseurs of the refined, subtle, richly nuanced, rare and exceptional only applied to art and wine, you have not been watching the cannabis world.

High Dining takes the subtle and complex nature of cannabis and creates an art form around cannabis-infused fine dining in one of the world’s most inspirational settings.  It shuns the emphasis on getting as high as possible in favor of a refined approach to creating elevated mood states that will enchant and inspire you.

The Moonlit Moveable Feast takes place, first of all, only on a full moon, outdoors in the legendary pastel colored deserts of Joshua Tree, California.  Meticulously art directed in every detail the Feast indulges all your senses from the moment you arrive – glassblowers, performers, artists, installations and musicians, all in a venue famous for its lavish eclecticism.

Cocktails served on your arrival are designed to express their cannabis infusions to best effect. Chef Sabrina Phelps, well known amongst celebrity clients, creates imaginative dishes of delicately balanced flavors, which appropriately enough, will feature flavors of Southern California Spring over four courses.

The minds behind Moonlit Moveable Feast: Barbie Sommars and Lindsey Jones.


Conceived and run by a couple of the California desert’s most remarkable women, Moonlit Moveable Feasts are about more than classy dining with a sophisticated upmarket social circle.  Barbie Sommars says, “We are steeped in the mystical, as well as in the science and culture of Cannabis.” Indeed they provide an expert-curated experience that opens your eyes to its history and origins as well as to the study of its chemistry today.  Other expert guests share their knowledge on the spectacular desert ecology, astronomy & the cosmos, desert arts, the exploding desert music scene and more.

“This is our life,” says Barbie Sommars, “We are dedicated to this plant, to its normalization, to spiritual plant medicine, to organic consciousness, to community, and trust.”  High Dining assures clients’ safety and anonymity in an event that adheres to California State law and is above all like nothing you have ever experienced.

Tickets are $250 and can be purchased at: