The Third Annual BudTrader Ball – A 420 Immersion into Music, Art, and Cannabis

What comes to mind when you think of a 4/20 celebration? Maybe it’s a group sesh with some descent wax/flower/whatever while you try to watch every movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in chronological order and wonder if it actually is possible to get too high. Something low-key and chill.

That isn’t good enough for BudTrader.

Cannabis tech platform hosted their Third Annual BudTrader Ball on Saturday, April 20, 2019 at Wisdome.LA in the heart of Los Angeles’ Art District. BudTrader CEO Brad McLaughlin along with NBA great John Salley and MMA champion Ian McCall treated over 1,500 guests to an audio/visual delight at the most sophisticated 4/20 event of the year.

The Venue

Wisdome.LA is an immersive art exhibit consisting of five domes. Their current exhibit, Samskara, provided the backdrop for a cannabis experience beyond imagination. Guests could sit in one dome and get down to some jazz/blues/funk fusion from Dylan Meek (Imagine Dragons), Philip Lassiter led a New Orleans-style jazz procession into the dome to start their set, Alec King explained just what he thinks of models, DJ Lord (Public Enemy, Prophets of Rage) rocked the dome, and so much more. All this was taking place while kaleidoscopes and fractals danced over their heads as various projections were cycled across the domed ceilings.

The Guests

Anyone who is anyone in the cannabis industry, not to mention several from the entertainment industry, were on-hand to experience this once-in-a-lifetime event. Guests came to this black-tie event dressed in their best and looking dapper and elegant. Former Senator Dana Rohrabacher, a staunch cannabis advocate for decades, was in attendance, and Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham turned heads in her bright green wig (and not much else). Cannabis Queen GinaMarie XOCAL showed everyone just how good cannabis can be for your skin.

The collection of guests was eclectic, to say the least. It felt like a 21st century Studio 54 (but without all the tax scandals). Even with such a wide variety of people coming together, the vibe was always chill in the crowd. Everyone was laughing, drinking, eating, and, of course, smoking.

The Vendors

It wouldn’t be a 4/20 celebration without cannabis, and it was definitely a 4/20 celebration. Flow Kana provided guests with bong rips and pipe hits, allowing guests to choose from a wide variety of their top-shelf flower. For those who prefer concentrates, Rove had all kinds of terps and oils at their table for guests to enjoy.

Not everyone likes to smoke, and that’s OK. Chronic Kookies provided some of their infused baked goods for guests who prefer edibles. Each cookie is 100mg each, so you might want to share it with your buds.

Who’s the leader of the club…

The Gift Bags

It’s not a BudTrader party without an epic swag bag to take home. This year’s BudTrader Ball gift bags were no exception.

So I’m told.

Sadly, there was one hitch to the evening. Guests were told gift bags would be handed out at midnight. Before that could happen, some of the guests took advantage of BudTrader’s hospitality and made off with bags before they were supposed to be given out. Guests who waited like they were told were handed gift bags that definitely did not live up to BudTrader’s normal standards. One young woman was waving four pre-roll tubes in the air, chanting, “The tubes are empty!” as though she was about to lead a chorus of “Do You Hear the People Sing?” and storm the Bastille. Considering the cost of admission, for people to leave empty handed was disappointing, to say the least.

We reached out to BudTrader about this issue to try to find out what happened. Brad McLaughlin, BudTrader’s CEO, released this statement:

“Numerous VIP and Media gift bags were reported stolen and/or unaccounted for. We are working with event security and the authorities to locate them at this time.

A BudTrader employee who wishes to remain anonymous had two gift bags in his car for VIPs. His car window was smashed and two gift bags were stolen. Camera gear and personal belongings were left behind, and only the VIP gift bags were taken.”

McLaughlin will release more information as it becomes available.

For those who did receive a gift bag, the swag was epic, which is par for the course with BudTrader. With this kind of generosity, it’s easy to see why BudTrader’s bags are such hot-ticket items.

Taking Cannabis Higher

If social media is to be believed, the Third Annual BudTrader Ball was a resounding success. It is impossible to accurately describe the event to someone who wasn’t there. Pictures and video cannot do it justice. Once again, Brad McLaughlin displayed his commitment to the cannabis community to shatter the stigma surrounding this plant. McLaughlin consistently demonstrates that cannabis can be consumed like a fine wine – elegantly. Even the greed of a few couldn’t spoil an epic event like the BudTrader Ball. You can’t take an immersive experience like that home with you in a bag.