The Unintentional Indica Addict

By Chelsea Hanks

IG: @chelassie94

It wasn’t until I became more self aware while smoking cannabis and self educating more on what I was actually smoking that I noticed the pattern in my favourite strains.

Starting from when I was about sixteen and was introduced into a lot more variety of strains. High grade had only really been around properly for a couple of years by this time and it was the usual staple flavours available “Bubblegum” “K2” “White Widow” if you live in the UK you’ll know these strains well! But There were two strains that just really stuck out from the rest for me, Afghan Kush & Critical Mass ❤

They were both so similar in high and had a slight similarity in smell, sickly & pungent. The Afghan beautiful elongated heavy jade buds with pale white frosted hairs with the sweetest sickly but earthy taste.

Critical Mass- more compressed and brighter green buds literally bursting with citrus orange hairs with an almost matching scent and taste.

Fast forward eight years and I’ve smoked countless different strains from different countries but I’m still yet to find these two UK grown nostalgic flavours,But my prayers had been answered in the last fortnight, and I don’t know if I’m the only one who has a partially telepathic plug in the sense of you think about strains and a week later he has them, or maybe the universe just thought that eight years was long enough to wait to smoke them again. Regardless, my life has been made complete after being reunited with them both. It was such a nostalgic high to smoke and they were both as beautiful as I remember ❤

There is something truly wonderful about Indica, whether its old school strains like Blue Cheese, L.A Confidential, Northern Lights or newer strains like Sky Walker OG, King Louis Xlll or Purple Alien Dawg, Indica just makes everything better and I know weed in general makes everything better, but can we please talk about how much better sleep is after heavy indica’s, how much nicer food is or literally just how everything is so much fucking comfier.

Aghan Kush is a 100% Indica and in that sense everything i look for in a strain. I’d be lying if I said I really enjoy Sativa dominant, I have a happy hybrid medium and that being around like 70%Indica 30%Sativa. I am an Indica girl through and through and I could happily smoke them all day.

I wouldn’t get much done, but I’d be stupidly high and happy!🤗

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