The Weed On The Bus Goes Puff Puff Pass

By Benjie Cooper

IG: @nuglifenews

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If you’ve spent any time in the greater Los Angeles area, you’ve likely seen busloads of tourists rolling up and down the I5 or crawling along Hollywood Boulevard snapping pictures and taking videos.

But even the people up on the second level of the double-decker buses aren’t sitting as high as the passengers on a new L.A. tour line.

Green Line Trips is now booking passengers 21 years of age or older on trips through Hollywood and West Los Angeles where they can smoke cannabis on the bus while they take in the sights of Southern California.

The various tours, which start at $59.95 and range from two to five hours long, begin at a cash-only dispensary where riders can purchase cannabis products to consume during the day’s trip. The company also offers private tours for special occasions which include local sports and entertainment event access.

“When we get to West L.A., we do the Santa Monica Beach, the Venice sign, show them all those places,” Green Line owner ‘Ed’ told CBS2 News. “And we let them stay in the car and smoke because you can’t smoke outside.”

It is against California law for the driver or passengers of a vehicle to consume cannabis, but Greenline keeps in step with regulations through an airtight partition separates the driver in the cab from the passengers in the back. So riders can consume their marijuana freely without the smoke or vapor ever reaching the vehicle operator.

Bus drivers request that passengers stop smoking a half hour before the end of the tour so that the effects of the marijuana begin to wear off before they need to drive. The company also suggests using a ride-hailing service as another post-tour option for getting home.