Topical THC/CPB Provides Relief To Musicians

By John Walker

Cannabis, art, and music have always gone hand in hand. Some of the world’s greatest artists and musicians have relied on weed for centuries and continue to do so today. Musicians and artists are often subject to severe and intense pain due to repetitive motion injuries, often going untreated for years. Musicians also tend to sit in awkward positions while performing. And, of course, there is an abundance of lifting.

As a musician and performer myself, I can attest to severity of pain associated with arthritis in my finger joints. For fifty years I played as the discomfort increased and I never sought treatment until it was too late.  I rarely play my guitar these days.

For all artists and musicians, and anyone else for that matter, who are experiencing the incredible pain that comes from years of one’s craft, and whose pain is now interfering with performance there just may be hope!

Because the skin is our largest organ, research on THC/CBD application directly to the skin may be a solution for those who suffer carpal-tunnel, arthritis, and other repetitive motion pain. Though smoking or ingesting cannabis may seem like the logical way to deliver its miracles, it turns out skin application is the most effective because it bypasses the bloodstream and digestive system and does not produce a psychoactive high. This could be very important to a musician who is about to perform, has pain, but does not want to be stoned in the process.

Topicals include such items as ointments, lotions, salves etc. They are also available as a patch to be worn on the arm or thigh for those who suffer chronic pain. This would supply constant pain relief. Topical can be used for acute pain as well as chronic and the application can be localized for exact pain relief and the reduction of inflammation in a given area.

So, for all you musicians, artists or anyone suffering from repetitive motion injuries, if you’re seeking relief from the clutches of pain, discomfort and inflammation then THC/CBD topical products may just be what the 215 doctor ordered.

For more information on THC/CBD topicals take a look at the Unite States Library of Medicine website. In addition, NORML has many fine articles as well.

Lastly, I’ve been using cannabis topicals for about a month now and guess what… I’m performing this Friday night for the first time in six months.