True OG Review

By: Nikki Walls/Ms. Major Blazer

Instagram: @ms.majorblazer

Strain name: True OG


90% Indica

Price: $50/eighth

THC-A: 30.8% CBD:0.79% Myrcene:4.6% Limonene:1.9%

From: Polaris MMJ/Essence Dispensary

Appearance: Dense, frosty, trichome covered, tree-like buds with bright orange hairs throughout

Helps: Anxiety, insomnia, pain, appetite, nausea

Feel: When I first opened the jar, the strong, pleasant pine aroma of True OG instantly reminded me of its ocean grown roots. Smoking this pungent flower provides a powerful, long-lasting body high, with a sweet aftertaste. You can feel this strain from head to toe. The high myrcene levels provide a calming cerebral head effect, in addition to allowing body aches and pains melt away. Perfect for both relaxing and being on the go.