Twelve-Year-Old Charged With Felony Marijuana Distribution

A twelve-year-old student in the Polk County, Florida school district is facing felony charges after handing out cannabis-infused candy to classmates.

Police and fire crews were called to Mulberry Middle School on Thursday afternoon after several students who had ingested marijuana gummies were complaining of stomach aches, nausea, and dizziness, and had become lethargic.

According to a Sheriff Grady Judd, four girls and two boys were taken to a local hospital because they had “overdosed.” One girl’s mother came and took her.

“They had stomach aches, they were nauseous, dizzy. One of them was all but passed out,” Sheriff Judd told WTVT. “We’re concerned about how did a 12-year-old ever come to be in possession of this illegal drug? And why, did he offer it to these kids?”

The gummies had come from a 100mg package of Green Hornet gummies that were intended for medical use and to be split into 10mg doses.

In a letter to parents, Polk County Public Schools stated that they are cooperating with the County Sheriff’s Office in their ongoing investigation

According to the Sheriff’s Office, the twelve-year-old student is being charged with one count of possession of THC or marijuana resin, one count of possession of paraphernalia, and six counts of distribution of THC within 1,000 feet of a school.