UK Members Of Parliament Block Lamb’s Legalization Bill

By Benjie Cooper

IG: @nuglifenews

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Liberal Democrat MP Norman Lamb presented a 10 Minute Rule Bill Tuesday, calling on Members of Parliament to legalize cannabis possession and consumption in the United Kingdom. Lamb described his measure as, “a more rational alternative to this mess.”

“We still criminalize thousands of people every year, taking up precious police time which could be used to fight serious crime,” said Lamb. “Careers are blighted for using a substance which, no doubt, many people on the government benches have used at some stage in their lives.”

Lamb criticized the Parliament for having a double standard, pointing out that alcohol is consumed in the same building in which they were currently meeting. He emphasized the dangers of alcohol, stating that it leads to violence in the streets and at home behind closed doors.

Lamb said that while alcohol is destroying families across the country, the government benefits tremendously from the tax revenue.

“Isn’t there a dreadful hypocrisy?” he  continued. “That we allow our drug of choice whilst criminalizing people who use another less-dangerous drug; many for the relief of pain.”

But despite Lamb’s arguments, his bill to legalize and regulate cannabis was blocked by 14 Conservative Party MPs.

“I think we all understand that for many people cannabis is a gateway drug to more serious and more damaging drugs,” said MP Steve Double. “And therefore it would be absolutely wrong to send the message that somehow cannabis is okay because where it would lead for many, many people.

Lamb’s bill was blocked with a final vote of 66 no votes to 52 ayes.