Virtual Budtenders, The New Normal

California and other states have asked their residents to “stay home” to prevent respiratory disease COVID-19. All types of nonessential businesses are being asked to shut down, but cannabis dispensaries have remained open under the state’s “essential business” designation.  

After the coronavirus pandemic, a cannabis dispensary in Vallejo is beginning to serve clients in a fresh and innovative way.

Greg Schoepp, the owner of the Vallejo Holistic Health Center, planned and developed a shop that allows customers to get their orders without ever having physical contact with anyone else. This way of doing business may become the norm. 

“The entire world is on edge, so people tend to be more ornery than usual,” said Ann Marie of the Vallejo Holistic Health Center. “We do have lines that wrap around the building at any given time of the day. At first, we were taken orders via curbside, and nobody was allowed inside. Now we only let a few people in at a time.”

Customers do not enter the dispensary; instead, they order from one of eight windows with an iPad. Clients are not in the same room and never make contact with staff. They communicate with each other via Skype and pay using a six-foot-long basket.