Waterpipes By JET

By Matthew Lopez

Waterpipes are still the common, primary, and go-to delivery devices for many cannabis users.  Consumers often prefer the use of water to both cool and filter the smoke/vapor. With the sheer number of options available, the choices in water pipes are nearly limitless: from simple to complex, and from large-scale to travel size, there’s an option to suit nearly any user’s needs, budget, and preferences. As with any smoking investment, do not be afraid to ask around and do a little searching to find that all-time satisfactory setup.     

This time, we had the opportunity of checking out and speaking with the people at JET. Launched in 2010, their SubZero waterpipe takes a more advanced approach than conventional systems by utilizing a list of innovations to drastically improve performance. Beginning at the top with the mouthpiece, which bares a more funnel-like shape within its structure to reduce water spillage in the event of a tip over, it also offers a tight seal between the user and the pipe for solid draws. Below it resides the tube composed of a durable polycarbonate material to resist breakage from unwanted drops. The entire setup can be disassembled for easy cleaning, and simple indicators have been included to aid in adding the perfect amount of water. The solid base has been designed with six feet-like contact points to help maintain stability, and within it resides JET’s specialty core which utilizes a patented ‘retention barrel technology’ to produce intense percolation and maximize water filtration via a special perforated disk (their specialty percolation system can also be upgraded to include additional percolation attachments via their JET Stacks setup.)

The list doesn’t stop there though; the JET SubZero waterpipe also utilizes a specially designed bowl and stem combo. Starting with the bowl which is made of a high-quality aluminum alloy that has been specially coated for extra durability and to provide favorable flavor properties.

The downstem makes use of a unique push-down design, eliminating the need for finger holes and pullout downstems. To accommodate users who still prefer the use of glass to house their material, the JET SubZero bowl is already tapered with a 14mm angle, allowing users to simply attach any 14mm male glass bowl (or banger) without the need for extra attachments. The JET SubZero waterpipe is available in either black or white; size options include either a small or large tube, and percolation options include either an X3 (23 hole) or X5 (49 hole) percolator disk.

We asked the people at JET about the development of their SubZero waterpipe system.

“The business was originally founded in 2007, but we didn’t launch the JET SubZero waterpipe until 2010. The first machined prototype was insanely smooth but too complex for most consumers and extremely difficult to manufacture consistently, so we simplified the design which gave rise to the current JET SubZero waterpipe.”  

Is there anything you’d like to say to the readers?

“It’s important to know that the JET isn’t intended to replace or shelf any glass waterpipes.  We believe that materials should be chosen depending on their intended operating environment. Glass is an amazing material and perfect for an at-home environment (around careful roommates and friends). The JET, however, was intended for a more rugged environment (outdoors, travel, clumsiness, etc..) while still maintaining the smoothness of a higher end, multi-chamber glass piece. We designed it to be ultra-smooth, easily upgradeable, and durable enough to include a lifetime warranty. The multi-component design also allows the customer to fully customize both the look and performance of their JET depending on budget and personal preferences. Additionally, all the parts of the SubZero waterpipe are manufactured in-house on our own CNC machines here in the US. During the design phase, all concepts are also optimized in-house using CFD simulations (computational fluid dynamics). It’s a very tedious and time-consuming process, but it prevents us from launching a design that will cause substantial issues down the road. Our website also includes a wide list of comprehensive information to further educate customers about our smoking systems.”  

We’d like to say thank you to the people at JET for taking the time to chat with us about their awesome waterpipe. For more information, you can check out their website.