We Love These Cannabis-Themed Holiday Fireplace Videos!


You can forget the mistletoe these holidaze thanks to a pair of Cloverdale filmmakers who are high on a new idea they hope will bring a little cannabis cheer to hempy homes everywhere.

Sylvie Peltier and Greg Nosaty, founders of Red Letter Films and Demystifying Cannabis, a documentary released earlier this year, recently produced a pair of cannabis-themed holiday fireplace videos. Similar to the typical fireside videos most people would find on their TV list.

The two fireplace videos – both available on YouTube – were created “to help overcome people’s negative attitude toward this plant.” According to the YouTube website, the video loops for precisely seven hours or “420 minutes.”

The first virtual fireplace video, which runs for a total of just under 10 and a half hours on a loop, is described as a “CBD-infused” holiday offering; the video description indicates it is ideal for someone who has “asked Santa for a cool Christmas.”
The second video features different props near the fireplace than in the first video, and Peltier describes it as “designed to attract the leisure market.”