Weekend Unlimited To Open Concept Store In Long Beach

The cannabis-focused Weekend Unlimited (Weekend) investement company has announced plans to open their first United States concept store in Long Beach, California.

The Vancouver-based business recently established its global headquarters in New York City.

Weekend’s newly-acquired 5,000 square-foot facility in Long Beach will offer customers a retail space on the first floor, and an upstairs lounge area that doubles as a venue for educational seminars and other special events.

“It is essential to our growth plan that we establish multiple touch points for our offerings,” said Weekend President and CEO, Paul Chu in a news release. “And one of those is at the retail level, where we can inform and learn from customers as they interact with our brands.”

The store’s retail area will feature CBD wellness products from Weekend’s brands as well as other companies, with a primary focus on customer experience and feedback.

Weekend plans to hold themed special events in the upstairs lounge area featuring live music, glass blowing, and education.

“This space has been designed to provide customers with multiple product lines,” said Chu. “Featuring Weekend brands, and elevating the experience by having an upstairs Weekend LIVE space that will hold events, education seminars and serve as a lounge with a hemp smoothie bar, coffee and CBD edibles.”

Weekend plans to open the store on April 20.