Wisconsin Governor Announces Plan To Reform State Cannabis Laws

Wisconsin governor Tony Evers announced Monday that his budget will include proposals to decriminalize small amounts of cannabis, legalize medical marijuana, and align the state’s CBD laws with federal regulations.

Evers believes that Wisconsin should join Washington D.C. and the growing number of states that have enacted medical cannabis laws.

“As a cancer survivor, I know the side effects of a major illness can make everyday tasks a challenge,” said Governor Evers in a news release. “People shouldn’t be treated as criminals for accessing a desperately-needed medication that can alleviate their suffering.”

“Wisconsinites overwhelmingly agree that this is a critically important issue,” he added. “But it’s not just about access to health care; it’s about connecting the dots between racial disparities and economic inequity.”

In November, nearly one million Wisconsin residents voted in favor of non-binding referendums for legalizing medical or adult-use cannabis.

The governor’s plan would also establish a procedure for individuals who have completed their sentence or probation for marijuana possession of 25 grams or less to have the infraction expunged.

“Too many people, often persons of color, spend time in our criminal justice system just for possessing small amounts of marijuana,” said Evers. “This shouldn’t be a Republican issue or Democratic issue, and I look forward to working on both sides of the aisle to pass this proposal in my budget.”

The governor’s plan would decriminalize the possession, manufacturing, or distribution of 25 grams of marijuana or less and prevent local governments from enacting contrary policies.